Planning Approval

You may need planning approval depending upon the type of changes that you have in mind. Sometimes the rules that decide this can seem complicated but I can advise on whether or not you may need approval from your local authority.

The fee for a householder planning application is currently £172.00. This is charged by the local authority, who are responsible for controlling what’s acceptable within the area, based upon the rules in place at the time. An application needs to be supported by suitable plans. The council can take up to 8 weeks to process planning applications.

It’s important to note that there is a different requirement for the detail level of plans being submitted for either planning, or building regulations approval as they are two separate processes. My fees generally include BOTH sets of drawings unless otherwise stated or discussed.

I can create and also help submit the plans for you, usually at no extra charge. I can then liaise with the council over any concerns that they may have in relation to the application. I would then discuss their concerns with you before making any changes that may be required.

Each local authority now has a website under the Planning Portal where the progress of the application can be publicly viewed online, which includes the documents submitted and any comments or objections that may be raised, which may include local residents.

The Planning Portal also includes various interactive guides which can help you to  determine if planning approval is even required, based around various popular scenarios.

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