Next Steps

Once you decide to go ahead with your project I will need to take detailed measurements of your proposed site, which includes any existing buildings. It can take an hour or so to do this, depending on just what the project involves of course, but it’s a vital part of the process that allows me to create accurate, working drawings.

Once I have the measurements I will draw up the initial draft of the planning drawings. The planning drawings are eventually used to apply for the planning approval. They will accurately show the size and position of any proposed new buildings, in relation to any existing buildings and the surrounding area. They also show how the building will look, which includes what it’s made from, such as stone or brick and of course they will show the internal layout and intended use of each room or area.

I will arrange to visit you again when I have drafted these initial planning drawings. This is often the first glimpse at your ideas coming to life, which can be a really exciting stage in any project. Seeing the plans can also highlight any areas that you may require changing and this will be the main focus of the second meeting.  

Once I have made the agreed changes and you are happy with the final design, I can then create the final drawings which will be used for submission first to the local authority for planning approval and then later for building regulations approval. The remainder of my fees will need to be paid at this stage and I will also provide you with 4 copies of the plans which you can use to obtain building quotes. I’m happy to deal with the planning submission on your behalf at no extra cost, and I can also recommend builders and other contractors if you wish.

Please note that should a particular application require extensive work or changes there may be other costs involved to cover my time spent on your behalf. I operate on a ‘fair’s fair’ basis and I will be as clear about any extra charges as I possibly can be. Applications are often straightforward and I only mention this in an effort to be as transparent as I can possibly be.

Planning Approval

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